Geopeace, an initiative of the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN Foundation, involves an interdisciplinary study gathering the history of peace. The objectives of Geopeace are to search, study and divulge events and historical personages that have made a contribution to the so called “positive peace” from the intellectual or experiential perspective. In this way the experts know the peace that is a result from dialog and agreement; a peace that is reached with magnanimity, wide sight, wisdom, willingness to coexistence and ontic humility. Not the peace that is defined as absence of war, or the one that has been imposed because of exhausted contenders, where there are winners and losers. Geopeace intends to cover not only History in a wide sense but also the history of people, towns, institutions, families, groups… That is, the stories that constitute History.

To discover these peace facts reminds us that peace is active and hard to obtain, but it is possible. Before us, other persons have helped to the construction of peace and we should know them and honour them. Geopeace is supported by two coordinates: time and space. The best way to approach to a historical episode or personage is from the place where facts took place. Besides, to visit these spaces helps for the diffusion and inhabitants' awareness of the importance of Peace Culture.

Thus, with this study, always open to new contributions, it is demonstrated that we also descend from peaceful people and not only from warriors; and that, knowledge about the history of peace may contribute to us with referents to solve conflicts that occur nowadays in a peaceful and dialogued way.


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